Füleki Bettina

Kreativigazgató, pszichológus, mentor.

Füleki BettinaPortflió

Dedicated creative director who is professional in storytelling, branding, creative coaching and mentoring talents.

Currently working as a Freelancer Creative Director for Hogarth Worldwide London.

As a Creative Director in previous projects has gained strong experience at multiple fields of advertising.
Provide quality control over concepts and projects
Generate multiple concepts for a campaign or project
Manage multiple projects from concept through completion
Making of award winning campaigns like image campaign for Palace of Arts Budapest or Rubik loyality campaign for Tesco Hungary.

Badschool CEO

Budapest Advertising School is the first and only creative advertising school in Hungary and Central Europe that provides art director, copywriter, social media courses and portfolio program in English and Hungarian. Our students got jobs in advertising, won advertising competition and one of our students won the Hungarian Young Lions in 2010.